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Archive for December, 2012

Song Writing

Song writing has started for the 9Bach 2nd album, and Lisa and Martin have been going to some interesting places for inspiration. Starting off at home trying out a few ideas on the electric piano, while looking at the dramatic storms outside the window, the song writing sessions had to suddenly stop twice. The first time was when a desperate neighbour called for help as the streams of water that were coming down the mountain in Gerlan, Bethesda were taking a turn past her front door, and she needed as may hands as she could to bucket the water away, and stop it from rising, and coming in her house.


The second time was when Martin and Lisa’s house nearly got flooded in the middle of a storm, due to a blocked drain outside of their back door, ┬áthe water could be seen rising to door level very fast, and plectrums and slippers had to be swapped for wellingtons, and rubber gloves to save the situation !


After deciding to write elsewhere, not on a mountain liable to flooding, Lisa spent some time in Capel Jerusalem in Bethesda, which has a lovely piano, and rooms that are filled with history. The storms were still raging outside, and the eerie scene was completed when the Capel had a full power cut, and Lisa was left to work in the dark.


The Capel was a great place to work, and inspired some of the songs that will be on the 2nd album, but unfortunately when Lisa and Martin came to record some demo versions of the songs, they realised that although the piano was in tune with itself, it was completely out of tune with other instruments!


December, 4, 2012.