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Black Arm Band visit – the songs take shape


Lisa & Martin have just spent a week with Lou and Shellie of the Black Arm Band in North Wales, and as well as showing them the mountains of Snowdonia, feeding them fine Welsh dishes, and finishing off the homemade stocks of Sloe Gin, some time was spent in a rehearsal studio in Galeri Caernarfon, working on songs for Mamiaith – Mother Tongue , the project that the two bands have been commissioned by the British Council to play at the 2012 London Cultural Olympiad in July.

The songs are really starting to take shape, and the two different sounds and styles of both bands are coming together well, to create something different and special. The week was finished off with a special work in progress show of the songs in stiwdio 2 of Galeri Caernarfon.


Hard work, working on songs

Apart from more sending recording back and forth to each other via email, the 2 bands wont see each other again until July, when they have 5 days to rehearse before performing a special warm up show in Galeri on July 19th, before heading down to London to play the Cultural Olympiad on July 21st



Black Arm Band coming to North Wales

News has just come through that Lou Bennet, and Shellie Morris of the Black Arm Band will be coming to North Wales in March. After months of sending songs back and forth to each other via email, it will be great to actually get in a rehearsal room in the Galeri Caernarfon, and work on the songs in more detail. We’re also relly looking forward to showing them around the beautiful scenery of North Wales, and having them hear the Welsh language in daily life.

Mamiath – Mother Tongue, an idea starts to form

After a couple of months of song’s being emailed back and forth from 9Bach’s heartland in North wales, to the many different parts of Black Arm Band’s Australia, the song’s being worked on together start to build a theme for a show, and a working title of Mamiaith – Mother Tongue is decided upon. This reflects the theme’s of language in the songs, and also the shared experiences of the Welsh and Aboriginal people, in fistly our respective struggle’s to keep our languages alive, and then the celebration of the preservation of our languages.

December, 20, 2011.

Writting songs via email, 10,000 miles apart!

After returning home from Australia, and taking time to take in their trip, Lisa and Martin have been working on songs for the 9Bach – Black Arm Band collaboration. Once the main idea starts to take shape, a home recording is made, which is then sent as an mp3 via email, for Lou Bennett to add ideas to.  Lou then spends a few days working on the songs, records her ideas onto the song, and sends them back, and on the process goes, back and forth!

A very strange experience, which does add a bit of excitement to opening emails, to see what Lou has added to the songs!

November, 29, 2011.

9Bach – 3 weeks with the Black Arm Band

Lisa and Martin have just returned from Australia, after an amazing time spent with the Black Arm Band.  After spending a short while getting to know Lou Bennet, and Steven Richardson, and hearing the story of the Black Arm Band, time was spent with Lou, and Shellie Morris, working on some ideas for songs in an old convent in Melbourne. After a few days together, the fisrt song Cariad Mam was written, and then after a short rehearsal with Black Arm Bands full band ( all 16 of them!) Cariad Mam was performed in Castlemaine as part of the show Dirt Song, and featured Lou, Shellie, Emma Donavan, and Deline Briscoe all singing in Welsh.

As well as working on music with Black Arm Band, Lisa and martin also spent time with them in Papunya a remote Aboriginal community in the red sanded dessert, and got a chance to see them perform Murundak, their show of freedom songs. It was also a pleasure to meet Sammy Butcher,

a legendary musician from Papunya. As well as being famous for the musicians that come from there, Papunya is also famous for it’s artists, and has a fantastic gallery.

In addition to Cariad Mam, Lisa and Martin have come back to North Wales with a few more song ideas to work on for the collaboration

October, 20, 2011.