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Yn dy lais / In Your Voice

Yn dy lais / In your voice is a companion project to the Anian album and is available only as the second disc of the CD release of the album.

Llyn – Du written by Chloe Moss, voiced by Maxine Peake

As a Welsh language band we’ve always tried to be inclusive of a non-Welsh speaking audience. We don’t see that language in music should be a barrier at all, but it helps if you can have a picture in your mind whilst listening. We came up with this idea to tell the story without giving a literal translation of the song, which would be challenging, as many Welsh words don’t naturally translate. That is the beauty of language.

This project joins writers, actors, poets and musicians, who were invited to express their own interpretation of a song. We explained what each song was about and the writers were asked to retell the story using the emotion, sentiment, themes, and, sometimes, parts of the original story.

We like the idea of mouth to mouth, so to speak, passing on of a story. The pieces came in various media, from spoken word and monologue to poem and trail of thought. Yn dy lais / In your voice has become a piece of art in itself, bringing the words off the page and into your thoughts. For anyone who can’t understand the Welsh language, these interpretations will paint a picture of the songs from which they are inspired. For Welsh speakers they will, hopefully, add an extra dimension.

Yn dy lais / In your voice

1. Llyn – Du written by Chloe Moss, voiced by Maxine Peake
2. Anian – written and voiced by Rhys Ifans
3. Yr Olaf – ‘Him/Her’ written by Matthew Glyn Jones, voiced by Siwan Morris
4. Ifan – written by Lucy Kirkwood, voiced by Remy Beasley
5. Si Hwi Hwi – written and voiced by Lou Bennett
6. Cyfaddefa – written by Meltem Arıkan, voiced by Pinar Ögün
7. Brain – ‘Crows’ written by Manon Steffan Ros, voiced by Bonnie Dobson
8. Heno – ‘Tonight’ written and voiced by Aneirin Karadog
9. Deryn – ‘It’s Me’ written by Tim Price, voiced by Peter Gabriel
10. Ambell Hiraeth – ‘Just As’ written by Karen Owen, voiced by Iarla Ó Lionáird
11. Breuddwyd Y Bardd – ‘At Night We Dream As Poets’ written and voiced by Martin Daws
12. Crêd – words by Merêd, music by Martin Hoyland, mixed by Oli Jacobs


In Your Voice is available on the second disc of Anian. Click here to purchase the album via Real World Records.