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Tincian album reviews


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July, 1, 2014.

New album ‘Tincian’ out 12th May.

Tincian is released 12th May

Our new album Tincian is being released on Real World Records on the 12 May 2014.

“Tincian can mean a lot of things, to move with a tinkling sound, to ring and make a clear sound. Depending on what area of Wales you are from, the meaning varies. It comes to life in dialogue when you use sentences like ‘I gave him such a talking to, he didn’t know what had hit him…he was ‘tincian’.  It’s almost like a cartoon image of someone’s head being hit by a hammer.” Lisa Jen

Discover more about the new album

Buy now:
Amazon / iTunes / Real World / Rough Trade

February, 28, 2014.

Lliwiau – First single from the album TINCIAN, now available

Lliwiau is the first single from our album TINCIAN ,on Real World Records. you can get LLiwiau digitally here –
You can also pre order TINCIAN (released May 12th) for a discount of £1, €1 or $1 here –
if you buy both the price of #Lliwiau gets discounted too!
If you prefer CD’s you can pre order Tincian with the £1, €1 $1 discount here –

February, 27, 2014.


Dewi Glyn, champion potato and giant onion grower who also happens to be the best photographer known in the land  - has worked closely with 9Bach for years. Now the album is finished the final mixing stage we’ve been working on images for the CD cover.


Diwrnod efo DGJ yn gweithio ar ddelwedda fel clawr i’r album- diolch i Lois Prys am ei chreadigrwydd a’i gwaith llaw penigamp

September, 30, 2013.


Woooohooo! Ma’r album wedi ei gymysgu  o’r diwedd. Album ac arni 10 cân newydd wreiddiol (heblaw am un gan werin bach slei!)


ALBUM IS FINALY MIXED – it has 10 brand spanking new songs, all original apart from one sly Old Welsh folk song that demanded it’s place.

Enw’r album yw…..   the album is called……

September, 30, 2013.